We specialise in the hiring of traditional party tents within Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. Our tents are handmade in Cornwall with wooden poles and canvas awnings. They are available with or without walls.

Cream Canvas Tent

Elegant oval tent 5.4m x 7.3m with canvas top and walls, pretty scalloped valance and entrance awning. Optional trestle tables and old chairs for a larger party (seats 44).

Circular Red and White Striped Tent

Fantastic 4.6m circular red and white tent with canvas top and walls, perfect for lunch with optional circular table and old chairs (seats 16).

Baby Cream Tent

Tiny 3m circular tent with canvas top, perfect if you love our tents but don’t have much space.

Our prices cover a period of 24 hours and include delivery within 30 miles of Little Haseley, erection and dismantling of the tent. For hire further away check out our delivery rates.

Red and White Circular Tent – £225.00

Baby Cream Tent – £150.00

Large Cream Tent – £425.00

Circular table – £25.00

Trestle tables – £7.50 each

Old Chairs – from £4.00 each

Fairy Lights – from £15.00

Table linen – from £7.50

£75 if you are between 30 and 50 miles from Little Haseley

£100 if you are between 50 and 75 miles from Little Haseley

£150 if you are between 75 and 100 miles from Little Haseley

To reserve our tent, arrange a viewing or simply find out more please
e-mail Piers or Louise.

Telephone: 01844 279170

E-mail: [email protected]